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NCHRP 20-44(39) Implementation of Guidebook for Managing Data from Emerging Technologies

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NCHRP Research Report 952 Guidebook (NCHRP 08-116) for Managing Data from Emerging Technologies for Transportation was published in late 2020. This guidebook is meant to help state departments of transportation (DOT) begin or further efforts toward more effectively managing and using data from emerging technologies, with a long-term goal of organization-wide shifts to modern data management practices that will carry state DOTs into the future.

While the NCHRP Research Report 952 guidance is a good start to documenting modern approaches to data management for transportation agencies, these approaches represent a drastic change – a complete paradigm shift – for most DOTs. Implementing these approaches will involve non-trivial culture changes and serious reconsiderations of ingrained processes from IT to procurement to human resources.

The objective of the NCHRP 20-44(39) implementation project was to bring the NCHRP Research Report 952 recommendations, roadmap, and tools to state DOTs interested in not only better managing data from emerging technologies but deriving direct benefits from using the data in ways they currently cannot, due to limitations in their existing data systems and management approaches and practices. Additionally, the NCHRP 08-116 research showed that there is often a disconnect between individual group/division needs and organization-wide IT and procurement practices. Thus, an additional objective of the project was to bring together people from different parts of an organization, provide the necessary foundational information, facilitate discussions, assist in addressing issues and concerns, and help bring about a meeting of the minds and next steps specific to the needs of the organization.

In this webinar, transportation agencies participating in the NCHRP 20-44(39) project will share details of their implementation projects, including successes, challenges, and lessons learned for peer agencies.


  • Kelley Klaver, AEM Corporation – NCHRP 20-44(39) Principal Investigator – Background and Overview of Implementation Project
  • Joseph Jones, Arizona Department of Transportation
  • Jeremy Dilmore, Florida Department of Transportation
  • Christian Williams and Erik Garbacik, District of Columbia Department of Transportation
  • Russell Holt and Stephen Kut, Rhode Island Department of Transportation

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    Data Acquisition, Support and Hosting