Maximizing Public and Private Sector Investments in Communications Systems

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January 07, 2021 from 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm EST

PDH Credit



Both wireless and fiber optic communications systems will remain the backbone of transportation technology for both connected and automated vehicles and mobility as a service. This webinar will discuss different approaches to maximize public and private sector investments in communications systems and broadband initiatives. How do public sector agencies develop programs to get beneficial fiber installed? How can agencies maximize the value of their ROW? How will COVID-19 and Rural Broadband Initiatives change the future of communications systems?

This webinar will have a panel of public and private sector speakers briefly talk about their different approaches and lessons learned. The panel will then discuss some key issues around the future of resource sharing.

Target Audience

Infrastructure Owners and Operators such as State DOT’s, Toll facilities, county/city public works agencies, and private sector fiber optic providers.

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss different approaches to resource sharing and broadband deployment initiatives; and lessons learned from current and past initiatives. 
  • Discuss the future of resource sharing.


Dean Gustafson (Lochner): Mr. Gustafson is the Lochner National TSMO/ITS Practice Lead to establish National ITS Practice, which he began in March 2018. Prior to joining Lochner, Mr. Gustafson served as State Operations Engineer for Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) for 6 years, where he led the largest services contract in VDOT history, numerous cross-functional internal and external initiatives, from traffic operations, connected and automated vehicles, traffic incident management, ITS standards, system engineering, to agency emergency response at the policy, legislative, strategic, and project level. He previously held progressive leadership roles in Regional Operations and ITS over 10 years in Staunton and Culpeper Districts, and involved in many projects from TSMO/ITS planning, design, operations, systems development, and maintenance. Prior to moving to Virginia in 2002, Mr. Gustafson worked for New York State Department of Transportation in construction, planning, and traffic engineering roles. Mr. Gustafson served as the coordinator for the 14- member, Niagara International Transportation Technology Coalition (NITTEC) for 4 years, leading strategic planning and operating their Traffic Operations Center (TOC), co-located with rail and bus operations facility. Mr. Gustafson is an active member in the TRB Freeway Operations Committee and AASHTO Committee on Transportation System Operations, including ITS and Communications Working Groups.

John Hibbard (Georgia DOT): John Hibbard is the Operations Division Director for Georgia DOT. His responsibilities include the oversight and direction of the State Maintenance Office, the State Utilities Office, the Office of Traffic Operations, and the Office of Transportation Data. He’s the secretary of the Signals Technical Committee – one of the Technical Committees that’s part of the National Committee on Uniform Traffic Control Devices – the committee that edits the MUTCD. John was a scan team member for Domestic Scan 18-02.

Ken Earnest (Virginia DOT): Biographical Sketch: Ken is the Assistant Division Administrator for the Operations Division for Virginia DOT. His responsibilities include oversight of the design and construction of major ITS Projects and Advanced Transportation Management Systems, Development of ITS Specifications and Standards, VDOT Fiber Optic Resource Sharing Program, Communications Master Plan and statewide traveler information program/511 Virginia.

Lynne Yocum (Utah DOT): Lynne is the Fiber Optic Communications Manager for UDOT. Her responsibilities include design and construction of fiber optic systems on projects, development of fiber optic resource sharing agreements and coordination with Governor’s Office for the deployment of Broadband Initiatives.

Anna Reed (Pew Research Center)

Rob Brock (Lochner): Rob brings 34 years of consulting experience in the Information Technology (IT), Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and Advanced Traffic Management Systems (ATMS) sectors ranging from direct sales, design and engineering to construction, integration, and operations in the commercial and governmental markets. His expertise includes carrier communications design, layer 1 through 7 network design, operations managements, network security consulting, and business development. Rob has previous experience working for large fiber optic installers/carriers and was part of several fiber optic resource sharing pursuits.



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