Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the National Operations Center of Excellence for?

The National Operations Center of Excellence (NOCoE) is intended to serve the emerging transportation systems management and operations (TSM&O) community, which has become widely recognized for their important over the last several years. Unlike some more established transportation disciplines, TSM&O has not had an institutional support structure or a centralized home for collecting and disseminating best practice information and identifying research needs and capabilities throughout the United States. The NOCoE is intended to address the need for a more centralized and comprehensive set of resources to serve the TSM&O community. The Center supports efforts to reduce congestion, improve reliability, and advance overall TSM&O efforts across the United States.

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What technical services does the NOCoE offer?

What is the AASHTO Operations Technical Service Program?

Who administers the National Operations Center of Excellence?

What are the objectives of improving Transportation Systems Management and Operations?

Why is reliability important?

What are the causes of unreliability and its related impacts?

How is reliability measured?

What are the strategies and measures that transportation agencies can take to improve reliability?

How are TSM&O strategies developed and applied?