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Issue Date: 2015-10-21

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  • 2017 TRB Annual Meeting Preview
  • TSMO Program Plan Development Round Table
  • Metropolitan Planning Organizations: Preparing for Connected/Autonomous Vehicles
  • 2017 Solar Eclipse Webinar: Preparing for August 21, 2017
  • Institute of Transportation Engineers TSMO Council Award Winners
  • Next Generation Aerial Video and Communications Platform Providing Safe Traffic Management and Emergency Response
  • Hard Shoulder Running
  • 5.9 GHZ Wireless Spectrum for Vehicle-Infrastructure Applications Overview and Review of Proposed FCC Rulemaking
  • Traffic Control in a Connected Vehicle Environment: The Multi-Modal Intelligent Traffic System (MMITSS)
  • AASHTO SCOTSEM Publication Managing Catastrophic Emergencies - A Guide For Transportation Executives
  • Performance Measurement and Monitoring in TSM&O - Current Practice and Future Development
  • TSM&O Workforce Development
  • DVRPC NJDOT Complete Team Initiative
  • Decision Support Systems for TSM&O
  • TSMO Reasearch Coordination & Highlights of the 2016 TRB Annual Meeting
  • Fundamental Capabilities of Effective All-Hazards Infrastructure Protection, Resilience, and Emergency Management for State Departments of Transportation
  • TRB Annual Meeting 2016 Preview: Evolving the Next Generation of TSM&O Research
  • Traffic Incident Management Performance Measurement
  • ICM: Scan Findings, Updates and Next Steps/NCHRP U.S. Domestic Scan Program/NOCoE
  • Reporting and Communicating TSM&O Performance Measures to External Audiences
  • Innovative Intersection Design by Matt Crim
  • NACTO/NOCoE Joint Webinar: Traffic Incident Management-Lessons Learned in Seattle
  • Transportation Operations Performance Measurement and Performance Management Programs
  • CMM Dimensions Webinar Series 6: Business Processes
  • CMM Dimensions Webinar Series 5: Systems and Technology
  • Leadership in TSM&O Video Webinar
  • NPMRDS Webinar #2: Application of the NPMRDS for Performance Management
  • CMM Dimensions Webinar Series 4: Collaboration
  • CMM Webinar Series 3: Performance Measurement
  • Iowa DOT TCP Program
  • Virtual Peer Exchange: Data Availablity, Integration and Warehousing for TSM&O Performance Measures
  • CMM Webinar Series 2: Organization and Staffing
  • Ohio RNC 2016
  • Securing Transportation Systems
  • Post TRB Annual Meeting Research The TSM&O Research Themes document associated with the webinar is available here.
  • NOCoE/AASHTO NPMRDS Webinar Series Part 1: Introduction to the NPMRDS
  • CMM Webinar 1: Overview and Agency Culture
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