Transportation Technology Trends Shaping Travel


Six technologies are converging on the transportation industry, and investors have taken note. These Forbes reporters look at the latest innovations and the impact they are having and will have on travel.

Autonomous Vehicles

Hands-free and feet-free driving, with catchy names such as Tesla’s “Autopilot” and GM’s Cadillac “Super Cruise,” will soon be widely available. Experts believe that fully autonomous vehicles are not far behind, and momentum keeps picking up. 

Three years ago, for example, the specialized LiDAR laser sensors that Google uses on its autonomous vehicles cost more than $70,000. This year, the manufacturer released a miniaturized version that costs one-tenth the price. And with new technologies in the works that cost only a few hundred dollars, we should expect another huge decrease.

Having ridden in several fully autonomous concept vehicles, we are convinced that they will change the world.