Car Owners Like Connected Vehicle Features But Few Actually Have Them


Few people buy the very basic model of a given vehicle. Most buy something more up-featured and for a significant and growing number of them that includes at least some vehicle connectivity, whether functional telematics, or infotainment. 

And when they do buy it, they aren't disappointed. They had better not be: Americans spend about 6.5 hours per week driving, on average. Nielsen, in a recent study, found that 39% of the 44% of consumers who plan to buy a new car in the next two years say they are very likely to buy one with connectivity features in the head unit. 

A new study by the firm, executed with Harris Poll, finds that 90% of connected-vehicle owners are happy with the connected technology in their cars. The survey-based study, which queried owners on six telematics or infotainment features, also found that the leading driver for satisfaction is functional personalization of the telematics technology.

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