Visibility; Work Zone Traffic Controls; Highway-Rail Grade Crossings 2014

TRB’s Transportation Research Record (TRR): Journal of the Transportation Research Board, No. 2458 consists of 14 papers that evaluate the safety of illuminance transition at highway tunnel portals on the basis of visual load; human perceptions of vehicle turning intention; and visual behavior of unfamiliar drivers on horizontal curves.

 This issue also explores a method for road lighting audits and safety screenings at urban intersections; a drivers’ smart assistance system based on radio frequency identification; the impact of design and construction on quality, consistency, and safety of traffic control plans; impact of work zone lighting on driver’s detection of objects; evaluation of cost-effectiveness of steady-burn warning lights in work zones.

 This TRR also analyzes the expected crash reduction benefits and costs of truck-mounted attenuators in work zones; lane bias issues in work zone travel time measurement and reporting; a photometric evaluation of steady-burn warning lights in work zones; human factors issues of accidents at passively controlled rural level crossings; train warning times and gate violations; and a dual microwave radar vehicle detection system at a four-quadrant-gate railroad grade crossing.