Urban and Traffic Data Systems, Vol. 1

TRB’s Transportation Research Record (TRR): Journal of the Transportation Research Board, No. 2442 consists of 15 papers that examine a time–space diagram; using third-party data for travel demand modeling; calibration of a rail transit assignment model with automated fare collection data and a parallel genetic algorithm; relationship between travel-related feelings, on-trip activities, and use of various transport means in urban areas; and an online archive for geospatial transit performance data.

This issue also explores the application of a general transit feed specification in Mexico City, Mexico and beyond; an analysis of travel time and variability patterns based on facility type; stochastic volatility modeling approach that accounts for uncertainties in travel time reliability forecasting; a hybrid model for motorway travel time estimation; and travel time reliability using the Hasofer–Lind–Rackwitz–Fiessler algorithm and Kernel density estimation.

In addition, this TRR summarizes the application of a finite mixture of regression model with varying mixing probabilities to estimation of urban arterial travel times; a web-based real-time data collection methodology for transportation operation performance analysis; real-time prediction of arterial roadway travel times using data collected by Bluetooth detectors; an algorithm for detecting outliers in Bluetooth data in real time; and travel time prediction in an urban network based on taxi floating car data.