Oregon DOT Needs Your Help Developing a TSM&O Performance Plan by Shaun Quayle, P.E.

Kittleson and Associates, Inc. is assisting the Oregon Department of Transportation in developing a TSM&O Performance Measures Plan to support integration of Transportation System Management & Operations (TSM&O) into day-to-day agency operations, staff development, capital project prioritization (funding), and information to help intra-agency, policy-makers, and traveling public


This is where you come in. You’ve been identified as a leader in TSM&O and we are hoping to speak with you and gather any relevant documentation or actions taken, particularly on the following:

  • TSM&O-Specific “program-level” performance measures (not just annual reports). What is influencing day to day decisions & investments related to traffic operations? (e.g. reactive to phone call complaints or proactively finding problems?)
  • What data (inputs & outputs) are most useful for driving action around your agencies system management, operations, and TSMO-specific program management?
  • What targets have been set for TSMO-specific performance (e.g. 95% of traffic signal detection & communications are functioning; clear lane blocking incidents within 90 minutes)
  • What is the motivation for your TSMO performance measure(s)?
  • How are TSMO skills sets developed and maintained within your agency staff?

We are looking for your experiences with the following common applications of TSMO performance measures:

  • Mobility & reliability (travel times, speeds, buffer times, planning time index)
  • Asset management (inventory, functional rating system, maintenance plan, replacement cycle, replacement funding sources)
  •  Arterial performance (quality of signal progression, queuing, delay, split failures, detection/comm failures, % of clocks in-step)
  • Incident management (incident duration, response time, % of incidents received by DOT, frequency of multiple agency responders)
  • Traveler information (# of incidents posted, mileage covered with congestion mapping, # of VMS messages posted)
  • Maintenance management (# of service requests, response time, % of staff skilled in X, Y, Z)
  • Software maintenance (# of licenses, accessibility of software on desktop/mobile devices)
  • Traffic Operations/Management Center (TMC/TOC) management (# hours per day of manned monitoring, response time, # of calls/requests fielded)

Please pass along any relevant, recent documentation you have & please indicate if you would be available for a brief phone conversation to discuss further.

Thanks in advance for your assistance!

Shaun Quayle, P.E.
Senior Engineer
Kittelson & Associates, Inc.
Transportation Engineering / Planning
610 SW Alder Street, Suite 700
Portland, Oregon 97205
503.535.7465 (direct)
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