Freight Systems 2014, Volume 2: Urban Freight, Hazardous Materials, and Trucking

TRB’s Transportation Research Record (TRR): Journal of the Transportation Research Board, No. 2411 Freight Systems 2014, Vol. 2: Urban Freight, Hazardous Materials, and Trucking consists of 15 papers that evaluate rail infrastructure investments and the new rail regulatory environment in some countries; the use of empty containers to move regional cargo; factors that affect the frequency of truck parking violations in urban areas; geographically focused incentives to foster off-hour deliveries; and a case study of urban freight consolidation centers.

This TRR also explores a freight-trip generation model; urban freight delivery stop identification with global positioning system (GPS) data; estimates of pavement and bridge damage costs caused by overweight trucks; characterization of overweight permitted truck routes and loads in Wisconsin; and an approach to allocate freight analysis framework mode flow data.

Additionally, this TRR summarizes a risk assessment framework for the rail transport of hazardous materials; the development of a toolkit for hazardous materials transportation education; the use of navigation systems in the trucking industry; GPS data analysis of the impact of tolling on truck speed and routing; and use of logbook data to assess 34-hour restart charges.