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Position Available: FHWA Resource Center - Operations Technical Service Team

 The Resource Center’s Operations Technical Services Team is currently recruiting for a transportation data/analysis specialist.    It will be filled either at the GS-13 or GS-14 levels,  in the transportation specialist series.  This vacancy will be filled at one of the four FHWA Resource Center office locations.   The vacancy announcement is open today, and closes on December 11th.

 The ideal candidate for this position is an experienced individual who is looking for an opportunity to provide technical assistance and technology deployment support in the area of Data Analysis and Performance Management with an emphasis in Transportation Operations, System Reliability, Congestion Reduction and Economic Vitality. As a member of the Resource Center Operations Technical Service Team, you will be a member of a virtual, nationwide network established to advance the strategic goals and objectives of the Federal Highway Administration and meet the challenges of advancing the best transportation system in the world. We offer an excellent benefits package, teleworking and alternative work schedules.

 Please find the full information on this vacancy at the following links:   

 To Apply for the GS-13 Vacancy:

FHWA.RC-2017-0015; Merit Promotion (Open to Status & VEOA Applicants)

 FHWA.RC-2017-0016; Category Rating (Open to All U.S. Citizens)

  To Apply for the GS-14 Vacancy:

FHWA.RC-2017-0009-Merit Promotion (Open to Status Candidates & VEOA)

 FHWA.RC-2017-0013-Category Rating (Open to All U.S. Citizens)