White House Does Not Endorse Fuel Tax Increase to Fund Transportation

Via landlinemag.com

President Obama's White House says it will listen to proposals from Congress that would increase fuel taxes to pay for transportation, but the administration stopped short of endorsing the measure. White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest answered press questions about fuel taxes and other funding proposals on Monday, Jan. 5.

During his daily press briefing in Washington, D.C., Earnest was asked about a renewed interest in fuel taxes as a long-term funding measure spurred on by a recent drop in fuel and oil prices.

"Well, it's not something that we have proposed, and that's been our policy," Earnest said, according to a White House transcript. "We have put forward our own very specific proposal for how we believe we can make the investment that's needed in infrastructure in this country ... closing loopholes that only benefit wealthy and well-connected corporations, and using the revenue from closing those loopholes to investing in badly needed infrastructure upgrades."

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