The U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) Supports Next-Generation Certification



The Intelligent Transportation Systems Joint Program Office (ITS JPO) and the Certification Steering Committee have started to work with three entities to set up and deliver the next generation of certification services in support of the Connected Vehicle Pilot Deployment Program and other near-term projects. Those entities are:


  • Danlaw: "Danlaw has been serving the automotive industry for 31 years as a global provider of telematics, automotive electronics and embedded engineering services. In this Connected Vehicle Certification Environment project, we will include stakeholders including OEMs [original equipment manufacturers], Tier1 suppliers, DSRC [dedicated short-range communications] equipment/technology providers to contribute together with USDOT and other certification providers. This certification testing of DSRC connected vehicle systems will ensure their conformance to specifications to meet the performance and interoperability with other connected vehicles, roadside equipment, and the infrastructure systems."
  • 7Layers: "7Layers, a Bureau Veritas company, is a wireless test and engineering group providing services and products to help customers with requirements of the smarter world. 7Layers will contribute our expertise to develop test requirements, testing, test products for the Connect Vehicle - Next Stage Certification Environment and sustain certification services for the industry. 7Layers envisions being the leading partner for companies seeking to meet the standards for V2V [vehicle to vehicle], V2I [vehicle to infrastructure], and V2X [V2V and V2I]."
  • OCS: "OCS is a not-for-profit certification organization founded by OmniAir, an industry consortium dedicated to interoperability in the transportation industry, in 2010. Our goal is to create a competitive certification environment, consisting of independent test laboratories following a common set of policies and procedures that will ensure interoperability within the connected vehicle program. The OCS team, led by SwRI, looks forward to working with USDOT to create a gold standard certification program that will propel the connected vehicle program forward and promote manufacturer interoperability and user safety."


The three entities will work collectively and with the USDOT to define the scope of certification activities, test procedures, and test equipment. Significant stakeholder communities will be consulted at each step of the process. Once the procedures and equipment lists are determined, the three entities will independently set up facilities to operate the tests. Services should be available prior to the start of the buildup of the Connected Vehicle Pilots.