UDOT SPM Source Code Transition to Open Source this Fall By Mark Taylor

The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) and several of our colleagues around the country are glad to see the industry (both public and private sectors) embracing and supporting the Automated Traffic Signal Performance Measures (ATSPM) that first started with Purdue University & The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT).  ATSPMs have completely revolutionized for the better our day-to-day management of traffic signal operations and maintenance. As a result of the benefits we have received, the wide acceptance and support these ATSPMs have received from the industry, and the support we have received from several others (Purdue University, INDOT, GDOT, etc.), our internal State-of-Utah software developers have been working diligently over the last five months in re-writing the UDOT ATSPM source code so it is more friendly to use, install, single architecture framework, and updated coding (including Entity Framework, MVC Bootstrap, & WCAG 2.0 ADA compliance). 


On or about November 15th, UDOT will be providing the UDOT ATSPM source code (and comprehensive documentation provided by GDOT) for free distribution on the Open Source Application Development Portal (OSADP) at http://www.itsforge.net/. The source code will most likely follow the Apache 2.0 basic license agreement that basically allows you to do what you like with the software. OSADP will also allow you (if desired) to contribute any improvements back to the UDOT ATSPM source code trunk and will help facilitate collaboration and acceptance of the proposed changes/improvements with UDOT.


Some of the main reasons UDOT have spent so much time internally re-writing the UDOT ATSPM source code is for some of the following reasons:

  • To provide a more stable & secure ATSPM source code package that is easier to install and manage.
  • To provide the source code and all of its metrics under a single architecture design so to improve collaboration and make it easier for the industry to create new metrics.
  • To shift the responsibility of ATSPM support from UDOT to the private sector (consultants and vendors). 


In reaching our goal of shifting the responsibility of support for the UDOT ATSPM to the private sector and others (public sector too if you would like to attend), UDOT will be sponsoring a free 2-day workshop in Salt Lake City on Wednesday January 18th & Thursday January 19th 2017 from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM titled, "UDOT ATSPM Train-the-Trainer".  This workshop will provide consultants, vendors and IT personnel knowledge and skill in installing UDOT ATSPM source code and configuring the various metrics.  One or two live installations will take place the first day.  The 2nd day will be on configuring the SPM's and answering questions regarding the source code, documentation, & IT infrastructure requirements. This will be the only training UDOT provides to others for at least six months. If you're interested in attending, you can register at: 




If interest is there, it may be possible that we provide a webinar or record the workshop.



The enhancements our developers are making to the UDOT ATSPM source code are as follows:

  • Improved program stability (entity framework which replaces our stored procedures and automatically builds databases).
  • Single architecture design (all charts run the same way, easier to add and collaborate on metrics).
  • Logging improved.
  • Improved security.
  • Improvements to the user interface (MVC Bootstrap which helps the application scale efficiently from phones to tablets to desktops).
  • Installation time will be reduced from 1 1/2 days to 1/2 a day or less. Upgrades will take less time (1-2 hours).
  • WCAG 2.0 compliant (ADA accessibility).
  • Configuration tool will be web based and integrated into the ATSPM website (previously it’s a stand-alone program). 
  • Comprehensive documentation (Provided by GDOT).

UDOT is currently in process of alpha/beta testing the new source code and plans on it being available on the OSADP website around November 15th. When UDOT completes the testing, the UDOT ATSPM website will change from: http://udottraffic.utah.gov/signalperformancemetrics/ to http://udottraffic.utah.gov/spm.