Transportation Technology Tournament: 2018 Participant Solutions and Presentations are Now Available

The 2018 Transportation Technology Tournament featured nine student teams working to develop technology and operations solutions to solve real-world transportation challenges. After undergoing trainings and working with local and state agencies, teams developed an initial solution document providing an overview of their ITS or TSMO solution. After judges evaluated these documents, four teams were chosen to attend ITE 2018 to present on their solutions in person.

The challenges and solutions provided by all nine times are truly unique and innovative and worthy of review by the broader transportation community. We now have those documents and presentations available on our 2018 Transportation Technology Tournament page.

Problem statements included pedestrian safety, reversible lanes, pre-positioning of safety service patrols, traveler information, and rail grade crossings. In collaborating with agencies, student teams developed complex and effective solutions to improve the transportation system.

Student teams are available to present or meet with interested agencies. Please contact Adam Hopps for more information.