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Thank You to Those Who Are Keeping the Transportation System Moving

I would like to start by thanking all of those in our communities, including many of our neighbors and loved ones, who are on the front lines working to get us through the COVID-19 outbreak.

Keeping the transportation system working is as important as ever and knowing that emergency operations centers are spun up, essential operations are in place, and coordination is occurring just proves the value of all the preparation and training the TSMO community has undergone to respond to any crisis. We know much of the paraprofessional TSMO workforce (technicians, safety service patrol, TMC operators and call center workers) are still out there working every day to keep the transportation system moving. Just like essential employees in other industries, they deserve our gratitude and support for the increased risk they are taking on just to do their daily job.

If you are able to share what's happening in your state or region, please let us know on Twitter or via email. We'd love to share stories of the good work that is ongoing and in response to the outbreak.

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Or, if you are working from home and find yourself with less time, please let us know if we can help you with any information or resources.

We will continue to push out new digital content to fulfill our purpose of transferring knowledge for you, the TSMO community.