Pennsylvania DOT Equips All Plows with AVL Technology So Public Can Track Them

With snow already visiting some areas of Pennsylvania, PennDOT Secretary Leslie S. Richards today outlined the agency’s plans for winter services and encouraged drivers to be prepared as well.

“Our residents count on PennDOT to keep them moving regardless of the weather and we take that mission very seriously,” Richards said during a news conference at the PennDOT maintenance facility in Norristown, Montgomery County. “We have our materials and equipment in place and our staff of dedicated equipment operators, district-level staff and staff in Maintenance and Operations are ready to go.”

This winter, all of the more than 2,200 PennDOT-owned and rented plow trucks will be equipped with AVL technology — meaning the public can view the trucks on interstates and expressways this winter at PennDOT started the AVL program in 2014 in 119 plow trucks and expanded it to more than 700 trucks last winter. The AVL unit in each truck sends a cellular signal through the system showing where a truck is located and whether or how much material is being spread from the truck.

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