Obama Looking to Invest $478 Billion on Infrastructure

Link to article from LATimes.com

President Obama is set to release a $4-trillion budget Monday with liberal priorities that have little chance of passage but will serve as an initial foray in negotiations with the new Republican Congress and help define the Democratic Party in the run-up to the 2016 presidential race.

The administration’s annual federal budget, like those that will follow from the House and Senate, is a largely aspirational blueprint, even more so in Obama’s final term. This budget, ending in September 2016, is the last one the president will still be in office to fully execute.

There are several factors working in his favor this year, including a strengthening economy, a falling deficit and rising public approval of the administration.

The White House also is announcing a $478-billion public-works program to fund new roads, bridges and highways, paid for by a one-time tax on corporate profits held overseas, according to a senior administration official who would not be identified discussing the proposal before its release.

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