New Report Ranks 70 Major American Cities’ Tech Transportation Options


A new report from the U.S. PIRG Education Fund and Frontier Group shows how well American cities are using technology-enabled services and tools for their transportation needs. It ranks major American cities on the number of different types of new transportation technology options in the city, including: car-sharing, ride-sharing, ride-sourcing, taxi-hailing, bike-sharing, public transit navigation apps, and virtual transit ticketing, among others.

The report, “The Innovative Transportation Index: The Cities Where New Technologies and Tools Can Reduce Your Need to Own a Car,” demonstrates how rapid technological advances have enabled the creation of new transportation tools that make it convenient for more Americans to live full and engaged lives without owning a car.

Leading the pack among the 70 cities were Austin, San Francisco and Washington D.C., with Boston, Los Angeles and New York City right behind.

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