New Automated Vehicle Guide Delivers 18-Point Roadmap for Policymakers

Today, the Eno Center for Transportation released Beyond Speculation: Automated Vehicles and Public PolicyThe report provides a much-needed set of recommendations that address the myriad policy issues that face automated vehicles.
Automated vehicle (AV) technology will completely change how we travel, ship goods, and on a larger scale, how we think about mobility. Unfortunately, these private-sector initiatives are far outpacing governments’ response and preparations for it. Some policymakers are beginning to craft rules and investments that encourage innovation while still protecting the public interest. However their efforts are leading to a troublesome patchwork of policies and regulations.
“This report provides a detailed, robust, and necessary roadmap for federal, state, and local governments to follow,” said Robert Puentes, President and CEO of the Eno Center for Transportation. “It addresses the most pressing issues for automated vehicles and will help guide the technology towards safe, efficient, and sustainable deployment.”

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