National Traffic Incident Response Week

This week marks the second annual National Traffic Incident Awareness Week and NOCoE is proud to participate again this year. This effort, led by FHWA with participation from state and local agencies across the country, strives to honor those who've died responding to incidents, acknowledge the risk taken every day by responders who serve on our roadways, and increase the public's awareness of the importance of traffic incident management.

As a part of our effort to honor this year's National Traffic Incident Management Awareness week, we're excited to announce the integration of resources from the TIM Network and FHWA's Traffic Incident Management Knowledge Management System with our own Knowledge Center. Users of our site will now have access to thousands of TIM resources just by using our search function. More information is below.

Also this week, we'll be focusing on why TIM is essential for transportation operations by featuring state agency videos discussing their individual TIM programs. Connect with us on Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn to hear more about state TIM programs,their development, and crucial place within operations.

For many us, Traffic Incident Management (TIM) served as an introduction to TSMO, myself included. But even as agencies incorporate TIM into their broader TSMO programs, the TIM community continues to exemplify the spirit of TSMO via its emphasis on collaboration, communications, planning, and inter-agency cooperation. So while we'll spend this week honoring the responders who risk their lives on our roadways, we'll also aim to highlight how their efforts significantly contributes to our transportation system and to TSMO.