National Traffic Incident Response Awareness Week is November 11 - 17, 2018

Traffic Incident Management is an effective way to introduce the value of TSMO to both your agency as well as the traveling public. State DOTs and local agencies around the country have transformed their operations, strengthened regional and interagency partnerships, and increased safety and reliability for the traveling public, all through Traffic Incident Management programs. Also, the national effort from U.S. DOT to deliver TIM trainings to responders around the country is one of our industry's best examples of knowledge transfer and the value of comprehensive training programs.

With all this in mind, I invite you to participate in the third annual National Traffic Incident Response Awareness Week, taking place November 11 - 17, 2018. Led by FHWA, National Traffic Incident Response Week aims to bring awareness to the responders serving the public as well as the importance of practices to ensure both responder safety as well as the safety of the traveling public they serve. Ideas to promote National Traffic Incident Response Awareness Week include:

  • Point people to our kick-off webinar
  • Invite public, media, other partners to your facility for an open house
  • Offer ride-alongs to give folks an up-close look
  • Hold an exercise that shows coordination and training effort
  • Offer to talk about Traffic Incident Response at a school or civic club
  • Participate in or host a mock crash scene in a public space
  • Be proactive sharing information on social media
  • Pitch stories to local news media, web media
  • Train or host training with the public and other responders

For more help in planning your efforts during National Traffic Incident Response Week, visit the TIM Network Resource page. We look forward to working with the TIM Network and FHWA to promote all the great activities and outreach your agencies are doing to bring awareness to Traffic Incident Response.