Foxx Urges Congress to Pass Transportation Funding

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Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx called Wednesday for lawmakers to pass a multi-year infrastructure funding bill, saying the cycle of temporary extensions is killing states' willingness for road and transit projects.

It has been 10 years since Congress last passed a transportation funding bill of longer than two years.

Foxx said Wednesday during a Senate hearing that enough was enough.

"Last year we sent Congress a comprehensive multiyear proposal, the GROW AMERICA Act, which included 350 pages of precise policy prescriptions and substantial funding growth, all focused on the future," he said during a hearing of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee about transportation funding issues.  

"What America received in response was a ten-month extension with flat funding, which while averting a catastrophe falls short of meeting the countries needs," Foxx continued. "It was not the first short-term measure, or patch, that has been passed. It was by my count, the 32nd in the last six years. And as a former mayor, I can tell you these short-term measures are doing to America what the state [Department of Transportation] says they're doing in Tennessee, literally killing their will to build."

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