Carmaker Will Develop Technology to Meet Needs of Future Drivers

Via Giz

Global trends appear to be moving towards a future where in many markets, car ownership may look like an expensive, impractical and inconvenient way to get around. So what's the next model of personal transport, and where do the big automakers fit in? Ford's new global VP of Research and Advanced Engineering, Ken Washington, sat down for a discussion about autonomous cars, on-demand vehicles, car sharing, smart parking, multi-mode transport, and how a car company might learn to cater to a new generation of customers that are far more interested in upgrading their phones than getting their driver's licenses.

Over the last 100 years, auto manufacturers have created a fairly stable relationship with their customers. People buy cars more or less as soon as they can afford them, and enjoy a freedom of mobility that was unavailable to them beforehand. To read more, please click on the link above.