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ADOT ECD Continues its Mission to Provide for a Safer Arizona Using Technology to Move Ahead in 2015

Via Arizona DOT news release

The Enforcement and Compliance Division of the Arizona Department of Transportation is more visibly known for its Enforcement Services, the unit that helps to ensure that commercial vehicles adhere to federal and state regulations. One of the primary goals is to improve Arizona’s ability to move people, goods and services in a safe, efficient manner through the use of education, enforcement and technology.

Enforcement Services is looking to implement virtual inspection stations at key rest areas. The state of the art technology will contain the ability to capture the axle and gross vehicle weight of the commercial vehicle in addition to the federal DOT number and license plate information. Immediately as the vehicle travels over the sensors, the system – which can be operated remotely or on-site – transmits the captured information to a central monitoring site in order to further the compliance of commercial vehicle weight, registration and permit requirements.

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