TIM Awareness Week: Connected Vehicle Demonstration--Working to Save Lives

The National Operations Center of Excellence is proud to support the exceptional efforts taking place within the Traffic Incident Management (TIM) focus area, all the first responders and transportation operations personnel involved. Too many responders and motorists are dying on America's roads. We must get the Nation to focus on collaborating to reduce this trend. In August 2016, NHTSA released an analysis of 2015 statistics on road crashes. The news surprised those monitoring highway fatalities and injuries. In the “2015 Motor Vehicle Crashes: Overview,” NHTSA reported a 7.2% increase in roadway fatalities over 2014 statistics. This represented the greatest percent jump in 50 years.

These brave and tireless responders put their lives on the line to ensure the safety of our Nation's motorists. To them, we say thank you and want to make sure we do our part in spreading the message on emergency responder safety.

On August 30, NOCoE participated in a demonstration on how Connected Vehicle technologies will benefit emergency responders. This demonstration, held at Penn State’s Larson Institute test track and in conjunction with the ITS Pennsylvania and Mid-Atlantic ITE Annual Meeting, featured two demonstrations: the Volvo Connected Truck and its automatic engine breaking system when approaching an incident scene, and Southwest Research Institute’s Emergency Vehicle Alert application, installed on a rental car and ambulance. Skyline Technologies also provided their incident zone vehicle that produced live video stream of the demonstration with their WTI Sidewinder camera.
More than 100 responders and transportation professionals attended the demonstration and rode in both the Volvo Connected Truck and in Southwest Research Institute’s vehicles to see up-close how the alert systems worked. The demonstration was organized and supported by Toxcel, Gannett Fleming, NOCoE, and the ITS Pennsylvania and MASITE annual meeting organizing committee.

"Drive safely, know local and State laws, and respect the lives of responders who safeguard you when in a crash.”

Please click the videos below to view the demo and watch the interviews. 


PA Secretary of Transportation Leslie Richards Speaks on Connected Vehicle Demonstration


Tracie Young-Brungard of Pleasant  Gap Fire Company explains why connected vehicles will save responder lives. 


Lou Brungard of Pleasant Gap Fire Company describes how connected vehicles integrates responders and drivers to improve highway safety. 


Gannett Fleming’s Chuck York says advance warning systems directly lessens the risk of roadway responders. 


Dr. Eric Donnell of Penn State University explains how the Volvo Connected Truck increases both safety and mobility. 



Would be very helpful for the emergency vehicles to relay their positions to the state DOT's Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) so the information can then be dispersed to mobile phone apps and Dynamic Message Signs (DMS) if available. This way the Volvo truck could be notified early enough to detour around the crash instead of waiting till it's within eye sight of the crash to react.

That's a great point and I know that various Traveler Information applications are working on that aspect also. This application is specific for those incident scenes for approaching vehicles without line of sight and also for roads where the vehicles might have passed any decision points to avoid the incident. But we are always unsure of where exactly the incident is and how to notify nearby vehicles which this addresses. We'll need both to operate the roadways going forward.