2016 Solicitation for the NCHRP Domestic Scan Program

NCHRP and FHWA announce the CY 2016 Solicitation for the Domestic Scan Program. The deadline for submitting proposals is OCTOBER 15, 2015. Please mark this date on your calendar. Visit the website that allows one to explore the Domestic Scan Program and has all the information and instructions one would need to submit a proposal. Please share this request with anyone in your DOT, technical committees, and your colleagues that has a great idea for a potential domestic scan proposal as well as with those they feel could make valuable contributions to the domestic scan program.

NCHRP Panel 20-68(a) is charged with the selection of proposals and management of the program.  This panel will select 3-5 proposals in mid-December. Resources to help you prepare your proposal:

·       Everything you need to know about this active program that includes all active scans and their developments:  http://www.domesticscan.org/

·       What Makes a Good Scan Topic Proposal http://www.domesticscan.org/what-makes-a-good-scan-topic-proposal

·       Domestic Scan Proposal Form For CY 2016