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Blank Canvas

My daughter had wished for some art supplies this past Christmas. As focused as she was on her science classes at college, she needed a diversion - something to take her away from the every day stresses of being a college student. The art of drawing proved to be the escape she needed. Santa was kind to her and gave her the gift she had wished for - lots of paint, brushes and blank canvas! She has been painting away ever since using her vivid imagination. At this point, you may be wondering how is this tied to the National Operations Center of Execellence (NOCoE).

The new NOCoE was launched back on January 11th of this year at the annual TRB Meeting. The time it took from inception to reality is quite astounding. A product of SHRP2, the NOCoE is a tool to be used by practitioners of transportation operations. The Center began as merely a website to offer SHRP2 products and it is growing into a full-fledged and actively managed center of excellence. While we have some knowledge about your needs, products and services that you desire, we need your input and your wish list in providing us with more definitive information.

Please take a few minutes of your time to let us know how the NOCoE can serve you, as our customers, better. What services can we provide you? What information should the Center host or link? What events, activities, etc., would you like to see on our calendar? What "hot topics" are worthy of a national summit or webinar? What challenges do you face in your respective agencies that we might be able to assist you with?

Please communicate with us and share your responses to these questions. This is your opportunity...your personal canvas to paint...your wish list that we would like to help you fulfill.

Let's paint it together! Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Dennis Motiani

Executive Director

National Operations Center of Excellence