Talking TIM Webinar Series: April 2020

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Start Date:

April 22, 2020 from 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm EDT


State and local Traffic Incident Management (TIM) programs cover a broad range of maturity from emerging programs to those that are advanced. The Talking TIM Webinar Series seeks to provide a forum where TIM champions with any level of experience can exchange information about current practices, programs, and technologies. Each month, Talking TIM will highlight successful programs, identify best practices, and showcase technology that advances the profession. The April webinar agenda includes:

  • Brief FHWA Introduction & Updates – Paul Jodoin and Jim Austrich, FHWA Office of Operations
  • Colorado’s Standing Committee on First Responder Safety – Captain Robert Marone, Fort Collins Troop Office, Colorado State Patrol
  • New national TIM  Responder Training Data Opportunities – Katie Belmore, FHWA consultant, HNTB
  • Marketing TIM to Strengthen Programs – Vaishali Shah, AEM Corporation and Paul Jodoin, FHWA Office of Operations


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Organizational Capability Element:

  • Traffic Incident Management

Operations Area of Practice:

  • Traffic Incident Management