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Solar Eclipse Resources

The National Operations Center of Excellence is collecting resources for the upcoming, taking place on April 8, 2024. The eclipse will have path of totality crossing 15 U.S. states, from Texas to Maine, including numerous large metropolitan areas. As with the 2017 eclipse, its expected that the movement of both residents of the 15 states and incoming tourists will make April 8 into a large scale special event. 

NOCoE is working ahead of 2024 to help share resources and transfer knowledge to the TSMO practitioners planning for the 2024 eclipse. This page will continue to be updated with resources. 

Are you planning for the eclipse at your agency? Please share with us any resources, planning documents, or other information useful to your efforts by emailing Adam Hopps at NOCoE. 

Your Starting Point for Planning for the Eclipse

Thanks to FHWA planning and leadership, NOCoE hosted a solar eclipse kick-off webinar in April 2022, featuring speakers from NASA, FHWA Road Weather program, and the state of Ohio's Emergency Management Administration. 

Overview of the Eclipse from NASA
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Kelly E. Korreck, NASA

FHWA Planning, Including Road Weather Considerations
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James Austrich, FHWA Traffic Incident Management Program and Tony Coventry, FHWA Road Weather Program

Ohio's 2024 Eclipse Planning Efforts
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