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Current Version Available: Version 1.2

The SPaT Challenge Verification Document is a working draft document, and will be updated and appended periodically. You are encouraged to check back to this website periodically to download updated versions. Additionally, by providing your email address, we will make attempts to send you updated versions of the document as they are available. A key aspect of updating and improving this document will be capturing feedback and lessons learned from agencies deploying SPaT broadcast systems. Therefore, we are requesting that, as part of your use of the document, you take the time to send any lessons learned and feedback you feel would assist future versions of the document. An on-line survey is available to share feedback here Additionally, we expect to periodically contact those individuals who have entered their email address during the download, requesting input on feedback and lessons learned using the document.

If you know of other individuals or organizations involved in the SPaT Challenge that would benefit from this document, please encourage them to download it from this site, rather than sending the document to them directly, in order to allow us to communicate future versions to them as well.