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Resources for the Total Solar Eclipse








With just two months left before the August 21st Total Solar Eclipse, we here at NOCoE are working hard to help state and local agencies by connecting them with resources to assist with planning, communications, and traffic management efforts. We've developed a resource page to share materials, we've held a webinar focusing on agency preparation and we'll hold another webinar July 27th to get an overview of final planning efforts in the areas of communications and emergency management (please register here). Also, this fall we plan to hold an after-action assessment with state and local agencies to learn more about their successes and challenges in planning for the eclipse and hope to be a part of the planning efforts for the 2024 solar eclipse which will be here before we know it. 

And, just yesterday, NOCoE's Technical Services Manager Steve Lavrenz joined FHWA's Martin Knopp (also an NOCoE board member) at a press briefing held by NASA regarding transportation considerations for the eclipse.

During our exchanges with state and local agencies, NOCoE continues to witness how preparing for this unique event mirrors the goals of a TSMO approach. Collaboration among traffic engineers, planners, and emergency managers is happening in every state to ensure preparation. Organizationally, states are communicating at a rapid pace, both within state headquarters and with local districts on issues of security and communications, but also utilizing communications with the general public to manage safety and mobility goals. We’re even seeing states evaluating and deploying technology and TSMO strategies in a manner representing high levels of a mature TSMO program. The maximizing of resources, collaboration with partners, and implementation of efficient business processes around eclipse planning validates the TSMO approach, even if it’s not fully formalized.

Be sure to continue to check out our resource page as it grows and develops, and make sure to register for the upcoming webinar and don’t forget to make your own plans to view the eclipse on August 21st!