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Digital Infrastructure Activities

Roadway Digital Infrastructure Strategy Development and Implementation

FHWA, working collaboratively with public and private stakeholder partners, is championing the development of a national strategy for Roadway Digital Infrastructure. The strategy seeks to align to focus, align, and accelerate realization of a multi-stakeholder digital infrastructure framework that advances current and future national transportation goals.

What is Roadway Digital Infrastructure?

  • Roadway Digital Infrastructure are the collective public and private technology assets that create, exchange, or use data or information to improve national transportation system outcomes by optimizing the provision of existing and new transportation services. 

What is the National Strategy for Roadway Digital Infrastructure?

  • The National Strategy for Roadway Digital Infrastructure is a document that describes the decisions, initiatives, and collaborative roles and responsibilities of different players around achievement of national priorities for roadway digital infrastructure.

The following overall steps and schedule for developing the National Strategy for Roadway Digital Infrastructure are as follows:

  • The scope and structure of the National Strategy for Roadway Digital Infrastructure will be discussed and developed in early 2023;
  • The National Strategy for Roadway Digital Infrastructure content will be developed in the summer of 2023; and
  • Stakeholder engagement activities for the National Strategy for Roadway Digital Infrastructure will occur in the winter of 2023/24.

Information about strategy development and stakeholder engagement opportunities will be posted on this webpage.

Upcoming Engagement Activities

IN PERSON CONFERENCE: January 7-11, 2024 – Washington DC

2024 TRB Annual Meeting

The TRB Annual Meeting will feature several workshops related to RDI Strategy, including:

Focused engagement activities to support the RDI strategy development are happening throughout spring and summer 2023.  Outputs from the activities will be posted when available.

Recent Engagement Activities