U.S. Domestic Scan Program: Leading Management Practices for Developing a Cross-Trained Workforce


Issue Date: 2016-08-04

Overview: Nationally, there is an increasing need for DOT organizations to be more efficient with limited resources and a reduced workforce. One strategy that is being tried within some agencies is to cross train their workforce. A cross-trained workforce can be more efficient and agile in adapting to an agency’s changing missions, priorities and budgets so common today. The purpose of this scan is to identify successful strategies among state DOTs, including conditions under which each strategy is most applicable and best suited. Implementation of scan results could benefit agencies by providing examples of how DOT workforces in other agencies have been made more cost efficient, more technically proficient, and more able to adapt to changing conditions.

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Source Organization Location: Washington, DC

Role in Organization: Associate Engineer, CEO / GM / Commissioner, Director / Program Manager, Emergency Manager, Engineer, Maintenance Staff, Manager / First Line Supervisor, Media / PIO, Operator, Principal Engineer, Public, Public Safety Officer, Researcher/Academic, Senior Engineer, Senior Manager, Technician, Transit Professional, Transportation Planner

Publishing Organization: TRB