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The costs associated with traffic congestion are high and continue to rise. The 2012 Urban Mobility Report, published by the Texas A&M Transportation Institute, cites the following facts:

  • The total financial cost of congestion in 2011 was $121 billion, up $1 billion from the year before and translating to $818 per U.S. commuter and 5.5 billion h in additional travel time.
  • Of that $121 billion, about $27 billion represents wasted time and diesel fuel from trucks moving goods on the system.
  • Fuel wasted in congested traffic reached 2.9 billion gallons— enough to fill the New Orleans Superdome four times.
  • In 2012, carbon dioxide emissions attributed to traffic congestion were 56 billion pounds or about 380 pounds per automobile commuter (1).

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SAIC, American Transportation Research Institute, Delcan, RESQUE-1, and K2Share; Strategic Highway Research Program; Strategic Highway Research Program Reliability Focus Area; Transportation Research Board; National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and
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April 22nd, 2013
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SHRP 2 Report S2-L32A-RW-1
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ISBN: 978-0-309-27322-0
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