Smart Growth and Urban Goods Movement

National Cooperative Freight Research Program


This report examines the interrelationships between smart growth applications and goods movement, specifically those relationship between land -use patterns and the transportation of goods in the urban environment. The results of the research can be used by decisionmakers to more accurately understand urban goods movement demand, relevant performance metrics, and the limitations of current modeling frameworks for addressing smart growth and urban goods movement.

Source Organization Location

Washington, DC

Operations Area of Practice

  • Planning for Operations
  • Travel Demand Forecasting
  • Curbside Management/Delivery
  • Freight Management
  • Complete Streets / Context Sensitive Solutions
  • Livability / Environmental Sustainability

Organizational Capability Element

  • Planning
  • Evaluation of Operations Strategies
  • Freight Management Operations

Content Type

  • Research

Role in Organization

  • Associate Engineer
  • Engineer
  • Manager / First Line Supervisor
  • Researcher/Academic
  • Senior Engineer
  • Senior Manager
  • Transportation Planner

Publishing Organization

  • Other Research Organizations

Project Website

Smart Growth and Urban Goods Movement

Prime Contractor
Puget Sound Regional Council and the University of Washington
Alon Bassok, Anne Goodchild, Edward McCormack et al.
Issue Date
January 1st, 2013
Publication Number
NCFRP Report 24
ISBN Number
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