Project C04 Final Report

SHRP2 Program


Project SHRP 2 C04, Improving Our Understanding of How Highway Congestion and Pricing Affect Travel Demand, reviewed and advanced the state of the practice in modeling the effects of highway congestion and highway pricing on travelers’ decisions, including choices of facility, route, mode, and time of day (TOD). This Executive Summary is intended for those who do not have extensive experience in travel demand modeling, but do wish to learn about and apply the results of the modeling research. The Executive Summary summarizes the objectives, data, methods, and key findings of the research. Each finding is accompanied by a discussion of the behavioral modeling issues, analysis results, and implications for transportation policy.

Operations Area of Practice

  • Pricing / Toll Roads
  • SHRP2 Tools
  • Travel Demand Forecasting

Organizational Capability Element

  • Reliability Predictive Models

Content Type

  • Research

Role in Organization

  • Associate Engineer
  • CEO / GM / Commissioner
  • Director / Program Manager
  • Engineer
  • Manager / First Line Supervisor
  • Principal Engineer
  • Public
  • Researcher/Academic
  • Senior Engineer
  • Senior Manager
  • Transit Professional
  • Transportation Planner

Publishing Organization

  • SHRP2 Program

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Project C04 Final Report

Issue Date
April 1st, 2013
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