Critical Infrastructure, Emergency Evacuation, and Logistics of Disaster Recovery 2014

Transportation Research Board


TRB’s Transportation Research Record (TRR): Journal of the Transportation Research Board (TRR), No. 2459: Critical Infrastructure, Emergency Evacuation, and Logistics of Disaster Recovery 2014 summarizes ways to plan post-disaster operations in a highway network; a model for investigating traffic incident impacts on evacuation times in large-scale emergencies; an approach for assessing climate change vulnerabilities in transportation infrastructure; and a cost assessment of highway bridge networks subjected to extreme seismic events

This TRR also explores mobility benefits of intermediate crossovers on contraflow facilities during hurricane evacuation; mathematical modeling of command-and-control strategies in crowd movement; a network flow solution method for optimal evacuation traffic routing and signal control with nonuniform threats; a simulation study of evacuation routes and traffic management strategies in short-notice emergency evacuation; and accessibility of low-income populations to safe zones during localized evacuations.

In addition, this TRR examines an efficient negative cycle-canceling algorithm for finding the optimal traffic routing for network evacuation with nonuniform threats; modeling and assessment of crossing elimination for no-notice evacuations; effects of phased evacuations on highway networks in megaregions; use of social media data to explore crisis informatics; use of mobile LiDAR data to assess hurricane damage and visualize community vulnerability; and experiences and lessons learned with urban ferries and catastrophic floods.

Operations Area of Practice

  • Transit Operations
  • Business Processes/Policies and Procedures
  • Communicating Reliability Information
  • Employee Health and Safety
  • Organizational Models
  • Performance Management
  • Risk Management
  • Standards and Specifications
  • Planning for Operations
  • Emergency Transportation Operations
  • Hazard Identification
  • Road Weather Management
  • Equipment Management
  • Infrastructure Protection
  • Resilience
  • Adaptation / Resiliency of the Transportation Network
  • Economic Sustainability
  • Livability / Environmental Sustainability

Organizational Capability Element

  • Performance Management
  • Planning
  • Evaluation of Operations Strategies
  • Performance Measurement
  • Road Weather Management
  • Standards and Interoperability
  • Traffic Incident Management
  • Traveler Information
  • Program Status/Authorities
  • Technical Understanding
  • Education, Training & Professional Activities

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  • Informational Product

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  • CEO / GM / Commissioner
  • Director / Program Manager
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  • Media / PIO
  • Operator
  • Principal Engineer
  • Public
  • Public Safety Officer
  • Researcher/Academic
  • Senior Engineer
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  • Technician
  • Transit Professional
  • Transportation Planner

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  • TRB


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Critical Infrastructure, Emergency Evacuation, and Logistics of Disaster Recovery 2014

Prime Contractor
Transportation Research Board
Issue Date
January 1st, 2014
Publication Number
No. 2459
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