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Agencies may issue one or more solicitations to procure various components that are needed to support SPaT broadcasts, which may include upgrading intersection and signal control infrastructure, backhaul communications, and software. Table 1 provides a high-level summary of procurement documents available within this resource, including the procuring agency and date the solicitation was issued, a description of the components procured, a gauge of success from the procuring agency, and lessons learned. The subsequent sections of this resource provide the specific procurement documents, with an introduction that includes comments from the procuring agency on potential modifications to the document that might be made for a different type or future procurement. Note that these documents reflect the most recent version at the time they were compiled, but it is expected that these procurement documents would be updated by the agencies for subsequent deployments based on their needs and lessons learned.
Agencies are encouraged to review procurement documentation in this resource as a general reference prior to developing their own customized procurement document. Each agency is expected to have unique regional and local goals, infrastructure readiness, and funding resources that should be kept in mind while developing a procurement document. Agencies may also contact practitioners at other agencies that have already issued similar procurements to better understand considerations and potential applications. As an example, the Macomb County, Michigan Department of Roads Special Provision for Roadside Units (RSUs) is based on the Michigan Department of Transportation (DOT) Special Provision for RSUs, but also incorporates additional elements based on local needs and best practices from other agencies based on conversations with practitioners and review of other existing procurement documentation.

See Downloads for the full SPaT Procurement Resource Document and a sample of Available Procurement Documentation.

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August 6th, 2018
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