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Potential Federal Funding Sources for Advancing Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSMO) Workforce Development Activities


• The National Science Foundation, US Department of Labor, and US Economic Development Administration offer federal grant programs that are relevant to TSMO workforce research and program development activities.

• A key requirement for success in grant pursuits with these agencies is a strong partnership between academia and industry. Thus, conversations and planning should begin with interested partners very early to be ready for future submission opportunities.

• Additional funding opportunities are expected stemming from recent federal legislation, such as the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, thus agency websites should be closely monitored for new programs relevant to TSMO.


  1. About a wide variety of non-DOT grant programs that TSMO workforce development activities could be supported by.

  2. How TSMO could align with the funding sources to make for a compelling grant application.

  3. About how important it is to develop relationships with academic, research, work- force, and economic development partners to build a compelling business case to be awarded grants.

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