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National Operations Center of Excellence Planning for TSMO Peer Exchange


Planning for Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSMO) integrates management and operations strategies into the planning process for the purpose of improving transportation system safety, effectiveness, reliability, and travel options. TSMO strategies aim to maximize the performance of existing and planning infrastructure through multi-modal, multiagency, and inter-modal systems, services, and projects.

Planning for TSMO starts at the regional level; ensuring management and operations strategies are included in the metropolitan transportation plan is key to meet the needs of all users of the transportation system. Further, linking planning for operations together at the state level is fundamental to producing better investment decisions. Most importantly, the collaboration between local, regional, and state agencies, as well as other partners, is essential to improve transportation system performance at all levels – statewide, regional, corridor, and project.

NOCoE’s Planning for TSMO Peer Exchange hosted transportation professionals from city/county, regional, and state agencies with experience and interest in creating proactive and collaborative solutions for planning for transportation system management and operations.

The peer exchange was in-person at the Institute of Transportation Engineers office in Washington, DC, developed as a two-day exposure to the topic. This was an opportunity for experts from specific programs with experience in the topic as well as agencies that encounter challenges advancing planning for TSMO to be in the same room and learn from each other. This peer exchange allowed:

  • Thought leaders in the field to share their success stories, learnings, and advice.
  • Peers that are encountering challenges to establish a shared understanding of problems that need to be solved.
  • The creation of a set of priorities and action items that can help the TSMO community integrate management and operations strategies into the planning process.

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