MnDOT TSMO Business Plan


This document represents one of three planning documents that comprise the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) Transportation System Management and Operations (TSMO) Plan. The MnDOT TSMO Strategic Plan defines overall direction of the program and the MnDOT TSMO Implementation Plan provides a prioritized list of detailed TSMO strategies for implementing operational improvements. This Business Plan addresses the organizational structure and business processes needed to successfully deliver TSMO strategies in Minnesota. The Business Plan articulates how the MnDOT TSMO Program operates, identifies resources and workforce needs, and outlines business processes for implementing TSMO activities.

This document includes:

  • Introduction
  • TSMO in Minnesota
  • Overview of Business Plan
    • MnDOT’s TSMO Programmatic Objectives
    • Development of the MnDOT TSMO Business Plan
    • Process for Future Business Plan Updates
    • Relationship to the MnDOT Family of Plans
  • Business Plan Recommendations
  • Overview of Recommendations
  • Description of Recommendations
  • Appendix A – TSMO Strategies and Annual Costs Included in Funding Scenarios
  • Appendix B – Draft Elements of the TSMO Leadership Team Charter
  • Appendix C – Draft TSMO Working Group Description
  • Appendix D – Draft MnDOT TSMO Organizational Model
  • Appendix E – Existing Data Sources Mapped to TSMO Strategies
  • Appendix F – Business Process for the TSMO Implementation Planning Process.

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Issue Date
June 28th, 2019
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