MDOT US-23 Active Traffic Management ATM Software Evaluation

Michigan DOT

The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) is considering an active traffic management (ATM) solution along the US-23 corridor from the western US-23/M-14 tri-level interchange to just south of M-36 (9 Mile Road), north of Ann Arbor. During the project development, several stakeholder meetings and workshops were conducted to establish the Concept of Operations and solicit design direction. During these meetings and workshops, specific conversations were focused on the software functionality necessary to operate the ATM system. The proposed ATM project includes the implementation of closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras, dynamic message signs (DMS), microwave vehicle detection systems (MVDS), lane control signs (LCS), and variable speed advisory (VSA) signs. The operation of the ATM system will require a software solution that not only controls the existing and new device types, but also can receive and process traffic data and execute complex response plans along the corridor. Only a portion of this can be handled by the current Advanced Transportation Management System (ATMS) software. The ATM software solution will be critical to the safe and successful operations of the system.

Currently, MDOT has a statewide ATMS software solution that manages all of the devices throughout the state. The current ATMS software was not designed to operate some of the identified ATM components or manage response plans that include some of those components. The ATMS currently issues response plans that respond to various planned/unplanned events. In order for the current ATMS software to manage an ATM system, additional development and algorithms are necessary. As such, there are cost implications that may exceed budgeted funds. In response to this risk, MDOT is investigating whether the best option is to modify the current ATMS software or procure a new software solution that is specific to an ATM system. Regardless of the decision, the software solution for the ATM system must be a viable option for implementation across the state.

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January 30th, 2020
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