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Intelligent Transportation System Benefits, Costs, Deployment, and Lessons Learned Desk Reference: 2011 Update


Intelligent transportation systems (ITS) provide a proven set of strategies for addressing the challenges of assuring safety and reducing congestion, while accommodating the growth in transit ridership and freight movement. This report presents information on the performance of deployed IT'S under each of these goal areas, as well as information on the costs, deployment levels, and lessons learned regarding ITS deployment and operations since the last such report in 2008.

The report, and the collection of four Web-based resources upon which it is based, have been developed by the U.S. DOT's ITS Joint Program Office (JPO) to support informed decision making regarding ITS deployment.

The weblink to the database includes information on ITS benefits, costs, and lessons learned that have been compiled since the late 1990's. The benefit, cost, and lessons learned sections of the database all include links to supporting documentation in the form of reports, papers, or other related work.

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    Pricing / Toll Roads
    Corridor and Arterial Traffic Management
    Active Traffic Management (ATM)
    Travel Demand Management
    Freeway Management
    Real Time Traveler Information
    System Performance Definition, Monitoring and Reporting
    Economic and Investment Analysis Tools
    Cost / Benefit Analysis
    Work Zone Management
    Road Weather Management
    Traffic Incident Management
    Emergency Transportation Operations
    Freight Management
    Freight Technology and Operations

Organizational Capability Element

    Integrated Corridor Management
    Freeway Operations
    Freight Management Operations
    Traveler Information
    Traffic Incident Management
    Work Zone Management
    Emergency Transportation Operations
    Road Weather Management
    Arterial Traffic Control Device Operations
    Active Traffic Management/Travel Demand Management/Pricing

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Case Studies & Lessons Learned

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