Integrated Corridor Management and Freight Opportunities


Issue Date: 2017-04-19

Overview: Integrated Corridor Management and Freight Opportunities

The vision of integrated corridor management (ICM) is that transportation networks will realize significant improvements in the efficient movement of people and goods through integrated, proactive management of existing infrastructure along major corridors. Through an ICM approach, transportation professionals manage the corridor as a multimodal system and make operational decisions for the benefit of the corridor as a whole. This primer examines how freight can be incorporated into an ICM approach, as well as the benefits of ICM in addressing the freight challenge. It explores opportunities to effectively integrate freight institutionally, operationally, and technically, both by leveraging existing platforms and considering new options for coordination between traditional ICM and freight stakeholders. Lastly, although integrating freight stakeholders and ICM holds great promise for more efficient operations on both ends, it is not without challenges. This document will explore what these challenges are and how they can be overcome.

Publication Number: FHWA-HOP-15-018

Source Organization Location: Washington, DC

Organizational Capability Element: Integrated Corridor Management

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