Freeway Management and Operations Handbook



The document is a resource document originally publishing in 2003 and updated in 2006 that provides an overview of the various institutional and technical issues associated with the planning, design, implementation, operation, and management of a freeway network. Freeway management and operations extend beyond ITS and electronic systems. The consequences of congestion are much more serious to a community than only local traffic impacts. Economic growth, quality-of-life, and environmental quality are some of the consequences of congestion.

An additional resource updates the Managed Lane chapter (Chapter 8) of the Freeway Management and Operations Handbook, originally developed in 2003. This 2011 update revises and significantly expands the original 2003 coverage of managed lanes, including definitions, strategies (e.g. dedicated lanes, corridor management), operational considerations (e.g. vehicle class, operational periods, pricing, enforcement), design considerations, planning and implementation, emerging trends, and case studies.

Source Organization Location

Washington, DC

Operations Area of Practice

  • Active Traffic Management (ATM)
  • Corridor and Arterial Traffic Management
  • Freeway Management
  • HOV Lanes / HOT Lanes
  • Pricing / Toll Roads
  • Ramp Metering
  • Roadway Geometric Design
  • Travel Demand Management
  • Communications
  • Configuration Management
  • Integrated ITS Deployment
  • ITS standards and specifications
  • ITS System architecture
  • Real Time Traveler Information
  • Systems engineering
  • Transportation Management Centers (TMC / TOC)
  • Communicating Reliability Information
  • Interagency Agreements / Cooperation / MOUs
  • Organizational Models
  • Data Acquisition, Support and Hosting
  • System Performance Definition, Monitoring and Reporting
  • Emergency Transportation Operations
  • Planned Special Events Traffic Management
  • Road Weather Management
  • Traffic Incident Management

Organizational Capability Element

  • Performance Management
  • Planning
  • Programming/Budget/Funding
  • Performance Measurement
  • Active Traffic Management/Travel Demand Management/Pricing
  • Arterial Traffic Control Device Operations
  • Emergency Transportation Operations
  • Freeway Operations
  • Freight Management Operations
  • Integrated Corridor Management
  • Road Weather Management
  • Roadway Geometric Design
  • System Architecture / Engineering
  • Testing, Verification & Validation (V&V)
  • Traffic Incident Management
  • Traveler Information
  • Work Zone Management
  • Local government/MPO/RTPA cooperation

Content Type

  • Informational Product

Role in Organization

  • Associate Engineer
  • Director / Program Manager
  • Engineer
  • Manager / First Line Supervisor
  • Operator
  • Principal Engineer
  • Public Safety Officer
  • Researcher/Academic
  • Senior Engineer
  • Senior Manager
  • Transit Professional
  • Transportation Planner

Publishing Organization

  • FHWA

Maturity Level of Program

  • Assessment (L1)
  • Deployment (L3)
  • Development (L2)
  • Monitoring (L4)


  • How-To
  • Learning

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Chapter 8 Managed Lanes Update

Prime Contractor
Seimens ITS
Lou Neudorff, Jeffrey E. Randall, Robert Reiss, and Robert Gordon
Issue Date
September 30th, 2003
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