Developing and Implementing Transportation Management Plans for Work Zones



This guide is designed to help transportation agencies develop and implement Transportation Management Plans (TMPs) in accordance with FHWA’s work zone regulations (the Work Zone Safety and Mobility Rule published in 23 CFR 630 Subpart J) updated in September 2004. This rule provides a decision-making framework that facilitates comprehensive consideration of the broader safety and mobility impacts of work zones across project development stages, and the adoption of additional strategies that help manage these impacts during project implementation. Compliance by state and local governments is a requirement for receipt of federal-aid funding. Three other guides related to the rule accompany this one: an overall rule implementation guide, a technical guide on work zone public information and outreach strategies, and a technical guide on work zone impacts assessment.

A TMP lays out a set of coordinated transportation management strategies and describes how they will be used to manage the work zone impacts of a road project. The scope, content, and level of detail of a TMP may vary based on agency’s work zone policy and the anticipated work zone impacts of the project. The intended audience for this guide is the persons responsible for developing TMPs.

The guide contains the following content:

  • TMP definition, importance, and relation to the rule on work zones
  • TMP relationship to project-level processes and procedures
  • TMP components, including elements of the document and elements for implementation and evaluation
  • Work zone management strategies, categorized into temporary traffic control, public information, and transportation operations
  • Examples and practices describing how agencies use TMPs

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Developing and Implementing Transportation Management Plans for Work Zones

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December 1st, 2005
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