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Decision Support Subsystem Requirements for the Next Generation Traffic Management Systems and Centers (TMCs)


On Sunday, January 7, 2018 during the National Transportation Research Board’s 97th Annual Meeting, several technical committees sponsored a three-hour workshop focused on the decision support subsystems (DSS) for the next generation of traffic management systems (TMSs) and centers (TMCs). The workshop highlighted innovative technologies and successful practices being used to improve the performance of existing legacy TMSs and TMCs. The workshop also discussed and identified research needs to support agencies developing the decision support subsystems with the capabilities necessary to meet the evolving needs, demands and performance expectations of these next generation systems and TMCs, thereby enhancing the ability of these systems to improve the safety and efficiency of the facilities being managed.
The remainder of this document provides brief summaries of each of the three sessions held during the workshop: Session 1, presentations on the state-of-the-practice and opportunities to integrate DSS into TMSs and TMCs; Session 2, a facilitated discussion on what research may be needed to advance using real-time DSS for TMCs and TMCs; Session 3, what topics may be priorities to pursue as potential NCHRP research problem statements; and the action items identified for the co-sponsoring Committee’s to consider advancing. This workshop summary and the presentations provided during the workshop are available on the following website:

Click here to see the full document summarizing the feedback attendees provided during the workshop regarding the challenges and potential research needed to advance Decision Support Subsystems required to support for Next Generation Traffic Management Systems and Centers (TMCs).

Sponsoring TRB Committees:

  • Freeway Operations [AHB20]
  • Regional TSMO Committee [AHB10]
  • ITS Committee [AHB15]
  • Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Computing Applications Committee [ABJ70]
  • Traffic Signal Systems Committee [AHB25]
  • ATM Joint Subcommittee [AHB20-5]

Operations Area of Practice

    Real Time Traveler Information
    Transportation Management Centers (TMC / TOC)
    Performance Management
    Work Zone Management
    Traffic Incident Management

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