CHART Non-Constrained Deployment Plan



This report discusses future actions and the role of The Coordinated Highways Action Response Team (CHART). This is Maryland’s highway operations element for the state’s Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) program - whose focus is on mitigation of non-recurring congestion that occurs due to events such as crashes, breakdowns, construction, and weather. The report identifies priorities, cost estimates, and approaches to provide a long-term course of action to reach the CHART program’s potential.

Source Organization Location

Hanover, MD

Operations Area of Practice

  • Active Traffic Management (ATM)
  • Freeway Management
  • Travel Demand Management
  • ITS System architecture
  • Real Time Traveler Information
  • Systems engineering
  • Transportation Management Centers (TMC / TOC)
  • Organizational Models
  • Planning for Operations
  • System Performance Definition, Monitoring and Reporting
  • Emergency Transportation Operations
  • Planned Special Events Traffic Management
  • Roadway Safety Services / Roadway Safety Patrol
  • Traffic Incident Management

Organizational Capability Element

  • Programming/Budget/Funding
  • Active Traffic Management/Travel Demand Management/Pricing
  • Emergency Transportation Operations
  • Freeway Operations
  • System Architecture / Engineering
  • Traffic Incident Management
  • Traveler Information

Content Type

  • Informational Product

Role in Organization

  • Director / Program Manager
  • Engineer
  • Manager / First Line Supervisor
  • Operator
  • Principal Engineer
  • Researcher/Academic
  • Senior Engineer
  • Senior Manager
  • Transportation Planner

Publishing Organization

  • State DOTs

Maturity Level of Program

  • Assessment (L1)
  • Deployment (L3)
  • Development (L2)
  • Monitoring (L4)

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CHART Strategic Planning

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Issue Date
December 1st, 2008
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