2018 Mobility and Safety TSMO Strategic Plan

North Carolina DOT

Strategic planning is not always a focus for an agency, but is imperative in
assessing the current direction of an organization and the trajectory of the
overall mission and goals. This Strategic Plan is focused on merging previous
efforts performed by individual units and the Department into a consolidated
roadmap for the next 5–10 years. As part of that assessment, the plan builds upon
the Mission Statement, Vision, and Values defined by the current executive
leadership of the Department, shown in Figure 1.

The plan builds on previously completed efforts, which include the Capability
Maturity Model (CMM) assessment completed in 2011 and the Traffic
Systems Operations Unit (TSOU) Strategic Plan completed in 2012. In 2011, representatives from NCDOT and some partners participated in a CMM workshop sponsored and facilitated by the FHWA. In this workshop, NCDOT participants evaluated current levels of maturity regarding key processes, organization, staff, and collaboration. Results from that assessment are shown in Figure 2. The TSOU completed a strategic plan in 2012 that focused on moving toward a performance‐based organization.

Both efforts seamlessly support the next iteration of the strategic plan to focus on
Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSMO). This plan development involved
a larger group of stakeholders and allowed the core team to perform a new CMM assessment,
develop a TSMO Mission Statement, and derive a consolidated list of activities that comprise
the TSMO Strategic Plan.

The document will focus on:

  • A brief education on Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSMO) terminology and links to additional resources.
  • The process followed for the Development of the TSMO Strategic Plan.
  • CMM Assessment including a summary of completed, planned, and future activities.
  • A consolidated summary of Smart Activities including estimated impact and resource requirements.

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July 6th, 2020
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